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Arva has a long history of saving customers hundreds of thousands of dollars a day by helping them achieve improved maintenance efficiency and significantly reduced downtime. Our reputation is built on the value and reliability of our vehicles and equipment, but there’s more to it than that. It’s our people, and a company-wide attitude that we bring to every new project: “Yes, we can. Yes, we do that, too.”

  • Solutions-based design, engineering, production and support
  • Industry-specific expertise: mining, rail and other demanding environments
  • Collaborative, team-oriented customer relationships
  • Founded in 1979
  • Based in Canada, operating across North and South America

Because downtime is way too expensive.

Our maintenance vehicles and equipment are designed and built for one thing and one thing only: to keep your equipment – and your operations – up and running. Safely. Reliably.

Because you see maintenance as an investment, not an expense.

What’s an out-of-service hour worth to you? How much is unscheduled overtime setting you back these days? Are you getting full, long-term value and performance out of all of your operating assets? People buy our equipment because of the savings, not the cost.

Because off-the-shelf just isn’t worth it.

You know there’s something out there you could probably jerry-rig to get the job done. And fix and replace it, as needed. But when you run the numbers, taking into account all the breakdowns, rebuilds, and the associated costs, delays and general aggravation, is it really worth it? Let us show you our numbers: they speak for themselves.

Because you need support you can count on.

We build to your specs, not just ours. We deliver on time and on budget. We commission, train your people, and provide regular maintenance and inspection support to keep your equipment up and running. All year. Year after year.




Paul J. Smith, President


Shawn Smith, Vice President


Kevin Spicer, Director of Engineering


Fred Smith, Chairman