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Designed to ensure your equipment delivers maximum long-term productivity and performance, our service and support solutions start well before the contract is signed and continue long after your order is delivered.

  • Expert pre-sale planning and consulting – from design to commissioning and training
  • Experienced service and technical personnel
  • Rapid response time – we’re here for you when any problem arises
  • Proactive servicing solutions and resources – to stop problems before they happen
  • Remote and on-site support on demand


  • Complete hydraulic systems and components
  • Radio remote controls
  • Hydraulic winches
  • Hydraulic cylinders and seal kits
  • Hook blocks and overhaul balls
  • Hoist cable
  • Load monitor systems


  • Remote and on-site service available as required
  • Equipment can be overhauled, upgraded or modified as your needs evolve
  • Rating system for prioritizing service needs: Green = Good; Yellow = Cautionary; Red = Urgent


  • Preventative maintenance instructions and maintenance schedule provided on delivery of new vehicles and equipment
  • Our service team can assist with any questions concerning maintenance, operation and equipment specifications


  • Operator training provided at start-up and commissioning, including:
    • Mechanical systems orientation
    • Worker and bystander safety
    • Installation and operation of customized guards or other safety equipment

Annual Inspections

  • Performance reports assess current condition and operating performance in comparison to start-up and commissioning, “weld fatigue”
  • Our service team’s inspections take into account the age of the equipment, severity of service applications and environment, and the experience level of your operators and maintenance personnel.


Wayne O’Shell, Sales Manager


Terry McQuillen, Senior Sales Consultant


Sheri Fox, Sales & Services – Parts