The ARVA Way

Built to the highest international standards

Significantly reduced downtime

Lowest warranty claims in the industry

Ultra-responsive service

In house multi-discipline expertise in design, assembly, and quality assurance

A substantial inventory of major components, assemblies, and critical parts

Safety is always our top priority



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Our History

What happens when you take a “He can design and build anything”, son of a sharecropper from Kansas, and a “mechanically trained, savvy, driven” son of a chemist and put them together?

From that first meeting and thereafter comes innovation, new products and services, and cool things that changed the world of heavy equipment engineering and manufacturing.

When Fred Smith and Vern Eck became friends and found a shared passion for solving problems no one had been able to solve they went to work. From this shared drive was born a successful partnership and long-lasting friendship that would last for decades.

Their strategy was born of the work ethic they were both raised in – draw-it-by-hand, make it from scratch, do it together, make sure it exceeds everyone’s expectations, build one mighty machine, and take it to the prospective customer who was always amazed at their ingenuity. As environmental innovators, they adopted hybrid technology early on with an eye on a cleaner environment.

Every time you see a hydro tower, think Fred and Vern-they were the two that figured out that lifting the entire tower to fix the systemic problem of wires hanging too low to the ground was the most cost-effective and efficient way to solve a global problem. They designed it, built one, and it worked! It would go on to countless installations and save untold amounts of money for the government.

ARVA employs exceptional people on exceptional projects and the list of companies that rely on our expertise and commitment includes, Toronto Transit Commission, New York City Transit, Port Authority Transit Corporation, Epiroc, Ontario Hydro, Tata Chemicals, Canadian Coast Guard, Canadian Army, and the U.S. Airforce just to name a few.

Today you will find the name ARVA on rail and mining equipment, and cranes all over the world from New York to Nevada, Saskatchewan to Japan, Afghanistan to Mexico. ARVA Industries machines have transformed the way companies and organizations do business.

  • History
  • Hard-Work
  • Dedication
  • Innovation
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Modern

That’s The ARVA Way.

Leadership Team

Great companies are only as good as what they achieve today. Rather then resting on our 40+ years of success, our leadership team pushes everyday for everyday, inspiring the team to new heights. With over 50 years of collective experience around the world, the Arva leadership team brings a diverse background of design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise. Passion and dedication is how they live and work, and it is reflected in all Arva Industries products.

Paul J. Smith


Shawn Smith

Vice President

Kevin Spicer